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Welcome To My Website!

Mission Statement

"Motivated Marketing major hopeful in pursuing a career in the music industry with an innovative passion for collaboration, creativity, and adaptability along with extensive knowledge in content creation and leadership" 

My Motivations

Everything I do and work forward to in my life is for my family. My definition of family is anyone who has made a meaningful impact on my life to make me a better man than I was the day before. A huge source of my motivation comes from my big brother Jeff. Jeff passed away in November of 2019 in a car accident, he was known to many as the type of guy who would go out of his way to help anyone pursue their dreams but to me, he was my brother. Part of his legacy was how he lived his life to the fullest and never looked back, he built his career out of what he loved doing which was being out on the ocean. I hope to one day achieve the same level of enjoyment in my line of work, that he had to do what he loved. My family is everything to me and I will stop at nothing to make them proud of where I go and what I accomplish in my life.

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